Solar-powered expedition to the South Pole

How would you raise awareness for plastic waste? Edwin ter Velde decided to build a vehicle with the stuff most people call trash.

I created my first website about climate change when I was 14 years old. Passionate about the issue, I joined the team to streamline the communication and inspire a bigger audience.



1. Strategy & Copywriting
2. Re-design website
3. Newsletter
4. Social Media
5. Photography

The challenge was exciting and immense: with the tight resources of a non-profit the Solar Voyager would drive on the world’s most difficult terrain on solar power, children would learn about plastic, and on board a tall ship students would help companies to become more sustainable.

The communication challenge was connecting all these projects and inspiring change.

Besides sparking the imagination of many households, Clean2Antarctica also worked with businesses. For the 73 partner companies, Clean2Antarctica was a source of innovation and a driver for change.

Results & Reach


Business innovation for Teijin
( 19.000  employees)
Connecting  73 partner  companies


Reach:  500.000 - 2.000.000 
Followers: 15.000
  1    Strategy & copywriting

Defining answers to tricky questions

Clean2Antarctica is about many things, so my first task was writing a clear brand narrative. It’s like telling your whole life story in 30 seconds. Do you focus on your passion for cheese or talk about your first kiss?

What is the mission?

Why should people care?

Who is our target audience?

     Re-design website   

The fun of exploration

To make it more fun to explore the website and allow the content to stand out, I designed a new structure and content pages. I made some color tweaks to the brand, upgraded the blog, and created a crowdfunding tool.

Visit website

explore 2

Content pages

before // after
content old

More visuals

Less text

content new


before // after
content before
content after
stripes end

The extra details


Even errors can be funny


Live temperature


Discover the quirks of the team

  3    Newsletter

Every email is a party

The next step was setting up a newsletter in English and Dutch and segmenting into categories, while keeping the sign-up as simple as possible. And of course an explorer’s newsletter can’t be boring, so it was rewarding to receive the many compliments about the ‘fun’ aspect of the emails.

✅ Cool looks

The newsletter had to be just as cool as the vehicle.

newsletter ipad
newsletter content

✅ Great content

Everyone receives too many emails. That's why we made sure every email was worth opening.


open rate
(industry average is 20,5%)

✅ Interactive

Hint: the right answer is b)

newsletter quiz
  4    Social Media   

Building a conversation

Having followers is one thing, engaging them is something else. With the right mix of humor, honesty and inspiration I often had too many reactions to deal with, which of course is a great problem.
For the sustainability challenge on a tall ship we received more than 250 qualified applications with a Facebook campaign.

iPhone 7 Black copy

Sparking your followers' humour:

social media button


social media infographics
  5    Photography

Documenting the adventure

Throughout the project I shot photographs of events, people, and of course the vehicle itself. They were used for social media and for articles in magazines and newspapers.