You have a voice

Let me help you talk frankly

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Hi, my name is Frank.

I'm a consultant and designer for the dreamers and doers of sustainability.

Using your voice is more than better communication. A voice is also given to  speak up.  To give voice to the problems and successes that deserve our attention.

Together we define why you should be heard and create meaningful communication.





Case Studies

Erasmus University Rotterdam

A taste of sustainability

By using the campus garden we brought people into touch with where their food comes from, creating a hands-on balance to the intellectual life on campus.

strategy, marketing, design

Solar-powered expedition to the South Pole

Creating a brand that is adventurous and fun and a website that allows people to explore the expedition.

strategy, branding, design, marketing
Schlaugat / Thermostop

Insulation for the future

A brand new logo and website for a company that reduces heat loss. The profit is used for social projects across the world.

branding, design