Because humans are storytellers

Good communication is more than delivering a message from point A to B. It's a way to engage a full human being. And that's exactly what we need to create a more sustainable world.


"Marketing should be a reflection of the substance of a company, not an image dreamed up by the marketing department."

Andy Cunningham who helped launch Apple's original Macintosh with Steve Jobs

In other words, you should talk frankly:


Lazy companies don't know their customer or themselves. Ask those tough questions and find out why you matter. Then you will create real value for real people.

Time is money and so is attention. If you're offering something of value then respect your audience by taking extra care in the messaging. Be bold and use your unique voice.



People can't see inside your head, so don't communicate like they can. Whether it's your website, your sales pitch or your logo, everything should reinforce your core message.

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