A story about what I do

Let's imagine

...a team who creates amazing spoons. But nobody seems to care and they can't sell them. So they decide to talk frankly.

It starts with hard questions like 'Why do we exist?' The team realises they want to provide a better breakfast experience, so they focus on muesli spoons and let go of their soup collection.



The next step is translating their strategy into a personality. A muesli spoon 'character' first seems vague, but soon they have a logo and tone of voice that really fit the company and product.

A great spoon needs a website and packaging that is both functional and beautiful. After various design and feedback rounds they create a delightful muesli spoon experience.



Now it's time to reach more people and they want to focus on book lovers first. Their campaign 'What do you read with your muesli?' is a success and they sell out in the first week!

My work is like a mix between strategy consultant and creative agency. But since I work by myself it's also personal and fast.

I help small companies with the entire process from idea to execution.

For bigger organisations my strength is connecting various communication areas with expertise in sustainability.

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