Design Projects

An impression of other work I've done throughout the years, some of it as volunteer in India.


1. Websites
2. Newsletters
3. Print
4. Photo & Video 

  1     Websites

Church of the Nazarene India

A website and style based on the peacock, India's national animal. The fonts can be translated into Hindi characters and the 15 matching colours make it possible to communicate the different districts and ministries.

india website 1
india website 2

Halte 20

A community coffee place.
(Website + Photography)

halte 20 website copy

  2     Newsletters

Gracebook typography

To help read this quarterly report with a lot of text the fonts are optimised for reading and create a structured email.

kvdn beweegt typography

The colours and typography bring this weekly newsletter to life and make it possible to share a wide variety of articles and information.

kvdn beweegt

  3     Print


A complete package for a career event.

intec 1
intec 2


Logo and packaging for wet wipes.

Baby wipes 1
Baby wipes 3
Baby wipes 2
Baby wipes 1 back
Baby wipes 3 back
Baby wipes 2 back


print mpower
print wwm
print zomerkamp

  4     Photo & Video