Noordzij Rozenburg 

Making the invisible visible

What is one of the most significant improvements of the 20th century? According to the readers of the British Medical Journal it’s plumbing.

The supply of clean water and managing its waste are so taken for granted that it can be difficult to understand the complexity of a specialised plumbing project. It was my task to help the company with this problem.

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1. Strategy 
2. Website 
3. Books 
4. Folders 

  1    Strategy

A better definition of plumbing

One of the problems is that people associate plumbing with a big dude fixing your toilet. That’s why the first task was illustrating the expertise of the company and showing the end result.



After defining the areas of expertise, I created an icon for each.


The second part of the strategy was focussing less on the actual service and more on what Noordzij contributes to: Some of the Netherlands’ biggest construction projects.

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"We make sure water flows to the right destination. How do you keep a football stadium dry when it rains, how do you create a fireproof subway tunnel, and how do you supply a hospital with clean water? To make water available and safe for large construction projects you need detailed and creative custom solutions and that’s a challenge we enjoy."

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  3    Website

Noordzij website copy copy

  3    Books

Since 1968

50 years of company history have a story to tell. We started the book by placing plumbing into the basic context: water is a basic right and not a commodity.

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Every project

In 270 pages the book lists every project that the company has worked on since 1968. Since the partners are listed for each project, it also becomes a source of pride for them and is a subtle reminder for continuing the partnership.

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Case Study

Hospitals include many plumbing challenges, which only get worse on a tropical island. This new book will illustrate 'the art of plumbing' by highlighting how to solve these challenges.

HNO boek

  4    Folders

Company introduction

How do you introduce your company beyond the stereotypes of plumbing? By combining the essential aspects into a neat folder.

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Case studies

Every project is custom made. But every project is also similar to others and this portfolio of case studies shows that Noordzij Rozenburg is not afraid of complex constructions.